The best fishing game
in the universe

There are lots of fish in the sea,
but only these will earn you Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Play our peer-to-peer game,
buy and sell in the community,
meld unique sea creatures,
play with friends and earn rewards.



Windows 7 & above - 64 bit

Download (40 MB)

Linux - 64 bit

Debian 10 & above

Download (53 MB)

mac OS - 64 bit

El Capitan & above

Download (47 MB)
  • Trustless P2P token market

    Catch a fish, sell it as token on the BCH network or in-game market place. Earn real money by playing with your friends.

  • Research, build and earn BCH

    Make your own fishing empire by building factories, research centres and mines. Claim cities, make ships, equipment and resources. Trade them for real money.

  • The in-game lottery

    You can either start the lottery or just be lucky. Lottery winings are randomly sent to players.

CZF Sneak Peek

Play and chat with friends, build empire, trade fish, equipment and tokens.

  • Choose game to play

    You can play Sphere or Box game and earn prizes.

  • Coin transfer

    Send money or receive BCH on your address.